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2015-12-05T17:18:53.000000Z terjemahankitabirsyadulibadpdfdownload What should i do if someone else finds out that i'v got this game? Should i give them money? 2015-12-05T17:08:12.000000Z terjemahankitabirsyadulibadpdfdownload I got this game from a link on I don't know if it's a torrent link but I have to tell them this to get rid of it...(I clicked the link and it took me to the game file, I didn't download the game...but I had to know if it was ok to keep my speed of 40 mbps or whatever its called) I think this is in English. I don't speak English but this may help you... I don't know what the problem is...but its my first time and I don't know what it is. I've looked at other people who got it, but can't seem to see a solution for my problem. 譁吶ム繧ヲ繝ウ繝シ繝ゥ繝ァシ繝ァャ繝ェ繧クー繧エ貓蟲長ケ繝ィ繝ョ、ウキッ搔陰繧ア繝シ繝ァシ繝ァャ繝ェ繧クー繧エ貓蟲長ケ繝ィ繝ョ、ウキッ搔陰繧ア繝シ繝ァシ繝ァャ繝ェ繧クー繧エ貓蟲長ケ繝ィ�





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